TechGrass takes children's safety very seriously. That is why we sell and install a grass that achieves a 12-foot fall safe rating.  

Playground Academy Grass contains XStatic™ antistatic technology,,an antistatic technology created  to help reduce static build up on the playground. This important development helps playground users who rely on electronic devices such as cochlear implants enjoy a safer, more rewarding play experience.

Playground Academy Grass also contains antimicrobial technology within the blade structure. Alphasan® antimicrobial technology, which is used on items such as shopping carts and canteens, was added for the express purpose of going above and beyond standard requirements to enhance safety for children. 

TechGrass installers completed an IPEMA-certified training program to ensure a the product is installed to IPEMA standards.  Our Playground Grass products meet or exceed established testing standards with regard to heavy metals in turf, according to CPSC, ASTM and the State of California standards.

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