TechGrass installs an Artificial Grass that is made specifically for Playgrounds!

Our PLAYGROUND GRASS is natural in appearance, has a super soft blade, low light reflection and is built to stand up to the wear and tear of all that playground fun. 


TechGrass materials and expert certified installation has been the choice for many private school roofs and day care playgrounds in and around New York City.


When creating an area for a playground, a durable padding is something that can be used to soften the surface  and also achieve a fall height requirement when equipment is located on the site. 


 As important as playground padding  can be to an artificial grass playground installation- equally important is drainage and how the artificial grass for the playground is layered to create both airflow and rapid drainage. 

As experts in Artificial Grass Installations, you can be sure we will be attentive to the particulars of creating positive drainage.